Guz. A very masc, very cis-GNC, lesbian. I’ve been throwing around heavy objects since it became a smart idea. A Masc of Mascs, bottom for all, top for none. Proud sponsor of machismo and hypermasculinity; I enjoy sipping bourbon in pink polo shirts.

Promoter of choice, harm reduction, and reclaiming one’s self.


Unfiltered, Unapologetic, Unorthodox Masculinity.

There are no whistles and bells, outside of barbells, to “Sculpted Power“. It brings a bite-sized capsule of old-school, “hardcore” lifting, popularized by musclemen of the Golden Age, and powerlifters of the current. To many in the queer community, especially those intimidated by fitness — this might seem like a world worth forgetting. When in reality, many of the Greatest a part of each era, were met with scrutiny, outcast, and even disgust.

This is a counter-look into self-expression and self-critique. Masculinity divided, cherry-picked — split into pieces, and from those pieces, “You”.

Targeted towards those 18+, only. Keep your kids both off of my site, and out of a certain company with the same acronym as “gender non-conforming”. They’re scammers.